The strongest combination -All New Passat & Tharu shocked the market!


On October 31st, All New Volkswagen Passat and Tharu were jointly launched in Kunming. 11 models of All New Passat and 6 models of Tharu were launched.


The launched ceremony is again operated by CCG. CCG has upgraded the brand tone of different models in execution and TA experience. It has always been in line with the social trend, showing a younger and more technological atmosphere for All New Passat. At the same time, it fully interprets the sense of strength and momentum for Tharu, and is committed to rapidly warming up the brand influence of customers.

In the magnificent music, the dancers of Peacock Contemporary Dance Company presented a visual feast for the audience with their agile and elegant dancing postures. It is worth mentioning that this dance was personally guided by Yang Liping, the "Peacock Princess".

Li Jian was specially invited, perfectly matched with the strength and temperament of Volkswagen .

The launching Campaiagn, whether digital communication or offline activity management, highlights CCG's leading position in the field of integrated marketing.


CCG is a powerful and technological integrated marketing agency. The secret to make every event amazing is that CCG advocates the enterprise culture of pursuing the ultimate and exploring. CCG people dare to break through and be creative, laying the foundation for creating high-quality marketing services.

In 2018, with the opportunity of relocation, CCG has been moving forward for 15 years, from obscurity to being a leading integrated marketing service provider in the industry, achieving leapfrog development and gaining the trust and support of many customers. Next, there are the new environment, the new starting point and the new journey. I hope CCG people will work together for the next 15 years.