Dearcc ENOVATE Brand Event Was Held Successfully


On the evening of November 13, ENOVAT's first luxury electric SUV, a high-end brand of Dearcc, was launched at Guangzhou Auto Show. The brand focuses on the young consumer market, advocating individuality and technology. Some media set the high-end brand of Dearcc as "Tesla with virtue and luxury quality".


The launching ceremony of ENOVAT's first luxury electric SUV, which is operated by Business Department Ⅲ of CCG, presented a visual feast. As a leader in the new automobile industry, CCG has created a cutting-edge stage design, an interactive area of scientific and technological intelligence, and a relaxed and enjoyable tea break experience to highlight the new power and brand concept of ENOVATE.


CCG's offline service system has been fully implemented: process planning, line design, operation management and other modules are fully covered, providing a "one-stop activity solution". After hundreds of experiences, the Business Department Ⅲ have created many classic large-scale launching cases, which can handle any demand of any type of cars.

Meanwhile, CCG's high-quality tea break experience area, which integrates CCG's C Cafe and R Flower, has won unanimous praise from customers and guests.


CCG has always advocated innovation and insists on taking marketing cases into consideration. CCG people are willing to accept new things, develop innovative ideas, with deep knowledge in the field of marketing, truly grasp the needs of customers, and comprehensively promote the promotion of brand sales.