Dream Opens A New Chapter


On October 17th, 2018, CCG 2017 Annual Conference and 15th anniversary celebration have successfully held in Shanghai. Leaders of the group, heads of different departments and all the staff of CCG gathered here to look back on the achievements of the 2017. CCG people celebrated the 15th birthday of CCG, continued to compose new movements and drew new dreams together.





Over the past 15 years, CCG people have been striving for progress, pursuing dreams, fulfilling dreams, breaking through boundaries, upgrading self-confidence, winning wide acclaim for their innovative and outstanding service capabilities and forward-looking layout in the field of marketing and communication.


In October 2018, CCG moved to a new address in an effort to further develop and improve the quality of the work environment of its employees. This is another milestone in the group's 15-year history. CCG vice president of public relationship department Candy introduces the future planning of CCG new building first.



This year, in order to further safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees and create a healthy and harmonious working atmosphere, CCG established a "CCG labor union" safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and promoting the orderly development of the company. Aileen, chairman of the group labor union, gave a detailed report on the work of the labor union and the welfare plan for its members.


Then, host by Joan, vice president of CCG, with the participation of Shirley, chairman of CCG, and general managers of various departments, a different talk show was staged to change the serious image of the past leadership. In the interaction, President Ren said that this was the first time in several years that CCG Group held an annual meeting in the golden autumn, autumn is the harvest season. For CCG, all the way through 15 years of history, this year is also worth celebrating.


In 2017 and 2018, as far as economic growth is concerned, our country has indeed slowed down, and the transformation and upgrading seem to encounter many obstacles. Take our CCG customers for example, we are indeed frustrated a little, but this is precisely a reminder that we can’t be relax, but to withstand the pressure of all parties to take a more solid road of development. Subsequently, the general managers of each department had a discussion on one discipline, two kinds of spirit and three kinds of unity.

In addition, President Sun said "trust" is the cornerstone of CCG to establish customers and social collaboration, and emphasizes that CCG today's achievements are all CCG people's pursuit of dreams and the completion of their dreams.

With the relocation of CCG, it is also in line with the national strategic planning. Taking Hongqiao as the core and radiating the economic development of the Yangtze River Area, it will become the starting point of CCG's new strategy in the future, and also the new vitality of the group. We will continue to take creativity as the coordinate, dream as the latitude, new environment, new starting point, new journey. We are looking forward to CCG people can continue to write a new chapter in cross-border integrated marketing! Together we can build our next 15 years.


The realization of the goal can’t be inseparable from CCG people; the blockbuster drama is the annual commendation, thanks to the tireless struggle, hard work of the CCG people.


With warm wishes and good expectations, the chorus Let me stay with you sings our constant passion and glorious dreams.


The banquet started with Sun's Boss Show, which led us to a youthful step towards a high-spirited future. The stage was very perfect and won a lot of applause.


Contestants of "CCG Good Voice" this year sang loud and strong with full emotions.


Shirley Sun commented on the good voice contestants .

The electronic modern dance and magic show brought by the invited Dance Troupe was very impressive, and presented a magnificent audio-visual feast.




There were more waves of huge rewards.


Opportunities will only care for the firm, the enterpriser, the fighter. New stories are waiting you to write. All the past was a prelude. Keep longing for the first dream in your heart. Open the chapters of 15 years later.



We will stick to our beliefs, persist in our dreams, and march forward with vigorous strides. Let's be "Dreamers Chasers" and let’s be "Dream Makers". "15 years, a new journey starts."