CCG Won the "2018 11th ROI Festival Creative Proxy Nomination Award".


On October 18th, the 2018 11th ROI Festival Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai. As the world's first commercial creative awards which enters the new decade, the scale of the ROI is even larger than before. With the global awards showing a significant decline, the number of competing companies continues to grow by 12.2% to 626, and the number of works increased by 10.3% to 3439. In the fierce competition, CCG submitted the case "SAIC Volkswagen Gran Lavida –Only If" which nominated for Creative Proxy Award. CCG’s professional creative service ability is once again recognized by the authoritative award.


Case’s name: Gran Lavida –Only If

Advertiser: SAIC Volkswagen

Brand: Lavida



Lavida's model has entered the final year of the product cycle. Although the market or consumer awareness remains the first, its second echelon of Lavida's is fierce and fruitful. Under the pressure of many competitors, Lavida's sales advantage is gradually shrinking, and there is a momentum to be surpassed. The urgent need is to re-compete in the market for hot topics, improve the volume.

Creative highlights:

By introducing Lavida's core product selling point, New Engine 1.2T, communite with consumers, try to interpret the highlights of "praiseworthy" products through insights into the ingenious thinking in life.



Creatively use exaggerated deductive techniques to reflect the product's "small and powerful" functional point, highlighting the Lavida core selling point of the engine's product advantages - low speed and big torque, low fuel consumption, high energy efficiency, and environmental-friendly features. This effectively enhances the consumer's attention to products, enhances popularity and sales.