Let Youth Dream and Chinese Dream Resonate With the Same Frequency


The autumn is approaching. People are happy to celebrate the national day. Our motherland has a long history, vast natural resources, and beautiful rivers. She has experienced extraordinary hardships; her unyielding national spirit has attracted worldwide attention. "China's National Day" carries the cohesion of the Chinese nation.


Yesterday, CCG celebrated birthday for staff whose birthday is in the same month with our motherland’s birthday. There were birthday cards, birthday gifts, birthday cakes, all kinds of delicacies. The birthday boys and girls of October spent a happy birthday together! We got together to communicate with each other, not only to promote the friendship between each other, but also further strengthen the cohesion of the team.

To realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the majority of young people have great responsibilities. We are all dream-chasers and dream-keepers. We fight together, struggle together. Because of you, things are getting more wonderful!

Birthday is the most special day for everyone. When we were young, we had parents with us; when we were in school, we had classmates’ blessing; in the work, we had comrades-in-arms’ cooperation.


I believe that in the coming days, with the joint efforts of CCG people, we will certainly create a united, cooperative, harmonious, positive and loving working atmosphere. Let's look forward to the next "family reunion" in the new "CCG Home".