"Drive Your Hormone" 2018 Chengdu International Motor Show MG booth


A whirlwind of hormones

A grand meeting of hormones

A charisma witnessed by CCG

The annual Chengdu International Motor Show was held in August 31, 2018 at the New Century Exhibition Center. This is a grand meeting of the auto industry, and also a big SHOW of CCG.

CCG, as a professional integrated marketing service provider in the automotive field, was responsible for the project co-ordination of SAIC MG's booth construction, media conference, on-site operation and management during the auto show. A feast of hormones has been staged for the audience.



At this motor show, MG brought many heavy products. Over the years, MG has been loved by young people. The layout of the exhibition was fully integrated with the spirit of “always YOUNG”, close to the popular elements of young people. And relying on the online and offline resources of SAIC, CCG accurately foreseed the sensory experience of young audiences. Booth, interaction, software links did a comprehensive upgrade. It ignited the whole sensory experience of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and spreads the young hormones.

MG also brought the "hormone factory", established a "hormone alliance", as well as MG coffee, MG series and other activities, which received a lot of young consumers. Let hormones run up.


CCG's service is so perfect that every time you can show your appearance, connotation and strength at a time.