Make Your Chinese Valentine's Day Super Sweet With THE ONE!


Today is Chinese Valentine's day.

It's a sweet day.

Your most likely experience is

To show love or watch others show love!

Today, make the one happy with THE ONE!

CCG Chinese Valentine's Day work

Brand: SAIC Volkswagen All New Gran Lavida

Creative Description:

 The two SAIC Volkswagen products features of the multi-functional steering wheel and large-scale double-deck anti-clip panoramic skylight are combined with Chinese Valentine’s Day. Through the way of "mini photography", we can add interest to the pictures.


The romantic stars reflected on the skylight become the river, and the petals that fall on the skylight become the boats on the river. By means of "miniature people" representing men and women in love, they are wandering in a galaxy with the oars.


Through the "magpie bridge" built by the steering wheel, the "miniature people" represents men and women who are in love, interpreting "no matter how many turns they have to go through, lovers will eventually meet"

Brand: SAIC Volkswagen brand after-sales service

Creative Description:

Chinese Valentine's Day originated from the legend of Cowherd and Weaver Girl. It is a good wish for romantic love and a praise of loyalty. The idea is decorated with magpie elements, through the galaxy and the moon, romantic paper-cut and other creative forms to create the romantic atmosphere, passing SAIC Volkswagen brand after-sales service’s buy preferential information.




Brand: SAIC Skoda

Creative Description:

The form of collage is more innovative than ordinary poster. Besides, we don’t use pink and gentle style as usual on Valentine's Day. In terms of overall creativity, two cars come to each other and the headlights interlace to form a heart, which means that Skoda lights up the road for the travelers and helps them to love with ease.

Finally, in such a romantic day,

CCG wish you a happy Chinese Valentine's Day!