Working hard with partners can go further


On July 27th, the CCG 2018 semiannual meeting was successfully held in Shanghai. The conference mainly summarized the work contents in the first 6 months of 2018 and deployed the key tasks for the next quarter. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Joan Ren, and board chairman Shirley Sun and heads of departments attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the heads of each department briefly summarized their works considering the responsibilities of the department and the work targets set at the beginning of the year, talked about the shortcomings in the work and analyzed the reasons, and put forward the ideas and plans for the next step.


Vice President Joan Ren and board chairman Shirley Sun made comments and supplements. They praised the achievements and faced up to the shortcomings, and arranged the following work. They discussed on the recent incident in the industry "Luo Sheng gate", requiring everyone to give caution to strengthen legal consciousness, improve customer judgment, and standardize the internal process system.


Shirley Sun also said that CCG carries the dream of nearly 600 advertisers, and employees are the primary assets of the company. The reason for this year's strong support to the trade unions is to let a marketing communication agency become more humane and set up an emotional feedback window for employees. Facing the negative emotions of today's society and the high intensity of the work pressure, each leader should let the staff seek the help of the trade unions and care for everyone around them. Only through the militarization of the system plus humane management can we improve the overall capability of the company.


This year, CCG is about to move to the new office building. This is another milestone in the development of the group in fifteen years. Ren emphasizes that the relocation of the enterprise is not only a displacement, but also a new type of enterprise which is more suitable to the market economy. With the upgrading of the office environment, our own operation and management mode should be constantly innovated. Each person from department management learned the use of intelligent mobile office platform, which can improve work efficiency and add more attention to the efforts of employees.


CCG has always been a learning enterprise. Joan Ren personally read the OKR working method, hoping departments change the traditional KPT assessment thinking. That night, there was a nearly 5-hour OKR work method practice. Through group discussions, the most critical group goals for the next quarter were made, which then become action plans, and some factors that were expected to affect the achievement of the goals were foreseen. Leaders of various departments also indicated that using OKR can activate each individual well, which is a set of solutions to optimize the quality of work.

OKR discussion for nearly 5 hours


Interdepartmental exchange of resources late at night


In our way, constantly sum up and learn, run straight toward the benchmark, and go all out to achieve the next challenging goal!