2018 Buick mid-year conference was successfully held with assistance of CCG


On July 19th, the 2018 Buick mid-year conference was held in Wuhan, with the theme "Calm down and carry on" in order to review and summarize the performance of Buick in the previous 6 months of 2018, and encourage all employees and dealer partners to have firm confidence in the completion of this year's business goals.


The whole course of the meeting is operated by CCG.  Buick, as an old brand with a long history, has always been high-end and luxurious. It is committed to providing customers with an exclusive car experience and service, which is the same as CCG service concept. CCG this time combined with the essence of the corporate culture of Buick and the current trend of fashion, created a personalized activity process, and achieved the most perfect interactive experience in every part.

A grand ceremony

In the team building process, the collective wisdom of all members of the team was brought into full play and mobilized, and the cohesion of the team was enhanced. All of us work together for the common goal.

Wonderful Show Time at the dinner

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