CCG was invited to attend PWC "Innovation and Upgrade · Brand Huangpu" Theme Event


On July 17th, CCG was invited to the thematic event organized by the PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Huangpu District government. CCG Chairman Shirley Sun and the company's senior marketing experts attended this event together, and had a deep discussion with the LaoFengXiang, New World, GuJin, Xinghualou, ZhangXiaoQuan, and many other Huangpu District old brand enterprise executives.

Shanghai has gradually become a global market and an international consumers’ city with global influence. In the process of development, Shanghai manufacturing and Shanghai brands play an important role in promoting. Now, there are 180 enterprises in Shanghai with the title of China Time-honored Brand, and more than half of them are in Huangpu District. In the face of increasingly competitive market, everyone is innovating. In the speech, the government and business representatives pointed out that in order to restore their beauty they should continue innovating their products and enrich their brand in addition to adhering to tradition.

There were many top institutions and experts in the field of design, consultation and advertising. After listening to the problems of brand upgrading, CCG marketing experts believe that brand upgrading is naturally occurring with the growth of enterprise users. As an important means of enterprise strategic transformation, brand upgrading should make the brand connotation continuously upgrade at the same time as the target market is upgraded. Only through market research, it can accurately grasp the change of consumer demands, speed up the research and development of new products, improve the service innovation to reflect the humanistic care, highlight the details and improve the value. It can inject new vitality into the brand and create famous brand. Quality assurance is the premise of upgrading. Technological innovation, product innovation and service innovation are the source of brand charm.