The summer vacation is coming with college students


In the hot weather, summer vacation is coming. CCG has recently welcomed the visiting groups of teachers and students from different universities. In the face of students' youthful vitality and unlimited vision for the advertising industry, CCG has joined universities to help students to practice what they’ve learned in classroom.


Visiting group from visual communication major in Communication University of Zhejiang 


Visiting group from New media major in Nankai University

Candy, head of the public relations department of CCG, gave a warm welcome to teachers and students, and introduced the enterprise culture, the course of development, the classic cases and the working environment of CCG at the meeting. After visiting and listening to the CCG business content and many excellent cases, the students showed a strong interest in the operation process of the advertising company and hope to have the opportunity to enter CCG and participate in the project.


Subsequently, HR Amber made an introduction to the interns, the needs of the students and the talent training program, and gave a detailed explanation of the questions raised by students. Interest is the motivation of learning. CCG is an open platform. It needs young people who are interested, enthusiastic and thinking about advertising. There is no professional restriction.


The reason why CCG can grow at a high speed is inseparable from the high quality talent training plan and the mental strength of employees in pursuit of excellence. As a comprehensive integrated marketing company, it has always attached great importance to the cultivation of interns, hopes for young students, and is willing to further strengthen school enterprise cooperation. CCG also provides students with more internship positions and employment opportunities, grasps the direction of industry development ahead of time, and help them to open up their vision and fulfill their dreams.