CCG the trade union was established And the first Congress of workers and staff was convened


In July 5th, Shanghai Cross Communication Group Co., Ltd. Trade Union Membership Conference and Shanghai Cross Communication Group Co., the first Congress of workers and staff was held. Shanghai Cross Communication Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CCG) trade union was formally established. CCG nearly 50 members of trade union attended the meeting.


The meeting was chaired by Chief Admin Human Resource Officer Huang Wei. At the meeting, representative of the trade union preparatory committee introduced the laws and regulations relating to the personal interests of the employees in the trade union constitution and the trade union law to representatives of the members. They conscientiously studied and listened to the work report of the preparatory group.


Member representatives conscientiously perform their duties with a high degree of responsibility. They voted their solemn vote, elected the first CCG trade union committee member, vice chairman of the trade union committee, chairman of the trade union committee.

After a series of votes, the results are as follows:

CCG chairman of the trade union committee: Qiu Huizhong;

Vice chairman of the trade union: Xu Yitao and Pan Yongbo;

Trade union members: Li Min, Gao Jinwei, Mo Xiaojie.


In her speech, the first chairman of the trade union committee, Ms. Qiu Huizhong, said that the trade union committee will give full play to the bridge ties of the union organization and let the employees of CCG truly feel that the trade union is the "home of the workers" and the union cadres are the most trustworthy person. She presided over the deliberations of the CCG employee handbook, and finally considered and adopted the CCG employee handbook.

At the end Ms. Ren Joan, vice president of the CCG, made a summary of the conference. She pointed out that the establishment of the Trade Union meant that CCG wanted to hear more of the masses through the trade union, to put the open democratic management system into reality, to fully safeguard the rights and interests of the staff and workers, to build a harmonious enterprise, and to standardize and enhance the management level of the enterprise. The company does better, and goes farther.