Skoda Kamiq was launched CCG bring you back to the Jurassic world


In June 27th, Skoda Kamiq was officially launched in Changzhou Dinosaur Land. As the third member of SUV family, Kamiq detonated attention before listing. On the spot, there were unexpected surprises from the shocking audio-visual effect to the wonderful stage.

The popularity of the scene cannot be separated from CCG's team behind the scenes. The CCG activity business department, with experiences of hundreds of large events, combined the Chinese Dinosaur Land to create a more, entertaining and interactive user experience.


Applause for friends from CCG activity business department

Look at the scene together!

Theme layout + Fun activities = Surprises everywhere

Both inside and outside the stadium were full of Rice Formula and dinosaur elements, and the Tik tok interactive section and other interesting activities were specially set up to bring more fun and surprises to the guests.

100 year history + Youth = Reverse growth of brand

When the opening video began, a legendary story come into front, showing us the development of Skoda in these 125 years, leading to today's hero, Kamiq, announced the beginning of a new chapter!

Human voice charm + Wire= Blooming young personality

As the spotlight lighted up, accompanied by the pure voice, acappella actors went slowly towards the stage and joined with their partners who flaw to the stage. They used the sounds of nature to act the young fashion movement and show the personality and the sense of self creation of Kamiq.

When Skoda meets the Dinosaur Land, youth and vitality are colliding. Car exhibition at the main entrance: a young fashion that highlights the brand, and also a warm welcome to tourists.



 Car exhibition:

A young attitude lead people to stay


Carnival water world: a wonderful life

In the water world, the brand showed a wonderful life for young people. At night, Skoda neon lights also cooperated with DJ music and water props to create an carnival party for young people.



Parade of flower car: boundless joy of pilotage

The splendid parade of the flower car began in the afternoon. Kodiaq, Karoq, Kamiq, dressed as dinosaur-themed, came in as a pilot, leading to a variety of fancy styling and enthusiastic dance performances.

In addition, there were many brand elements such as theme flag, cooperative tableware, wonderful booth performance, huge posters and so on. There ere more surprises than you can find, and you would find a more colorful Jurassic world to accompany you.