CCG won Best Creativity Award for Animation of 2018 CCMA


On May 26th-27th, the 2018 China Content Marketing Awards ceremony hosted by Adquan was successfully held in Beijing. A total of nearly 1000 works from 247 companies participated in the competition this year. In this CCMA, under the strict selection of 108 authoritative judges from advertising creativity, interactive marketing, video website, brand and media, CCG won the Bronze Award for Best Creativity Award for Animation in the original short video group with "SAIC Touran L Minions Christmas Viral Video".



Project background:

As the leading model of China's MPV market, Touran L launching in 2018 deepened the cooperation between Touran L and the big IP Minions from "Despicable Me Ⅲ", and promoted the brand preference through a variety of creative forms.

In virtue of IP:

Minions is the most popular IP in Despicable Me, and has been implanted in many famous domestic brands. It is young, modern and family-oriented. This animation took advantage of the Christmas holiday to maximize the topic effect of the content.

《Touran L Minions Christmas Viral Video》

This animation made the creativity more lively and lively, made the brand more dynamic, effectively improved the user's preference for the product, and had a good partition with the  competitive products.

CCG relies on creativity and wisdom in the marketing field to build content, develop content, expand the diversity of video content, and help customers to change their brand, product and service advantages into obvious competitive advantages.


About CCMA

CCMA is commercial value recognition awards in the field of content marketing in China, which takes content as the source, all kinds of media and content creativity as the dimension, and presents the different content marketing methods of different media in an all-round way.