The Forces behind the Launching Meeting of All New Lavida


In May 25, 2018, SAIC Volkswagen All New Lavida was launched in Hangzhou on the theme of "Better Life Further Life". Integration and communication Campaign is once again masterminded by CCG.


In addition to the trust of SAIC Volkswagen on CCG, the success of the launching meeting also required our untiring efforts from every Activities Department and support departments. This is also the advantage of CCG's cross-industry integration. Connect online and offline, maximize the use of resources, create a sharing and co-creation with no boundaries, and create a closed loop of integrated marketing.

 The reason why Activities Department of CCG can become the agent behind this big SHOW is that there are hundreds of activities experiences accumulated.


As for activities, it’s not just a simple activity execution, but also the early grasp of the market trend, the continuous learning of the new stage of innovation, and the insistence on the unique user experience.

This forward-looking, detailed pursuit of ingenuity has become a unique advantage of CCG. No matter from the choice of program forms and performance guests, they never follow the trend easily, but always foresee and lead the industry direction. The invited guest is a vibrant, fast growing, exploratory chorus -Rainbow Chamber Singers. This team is also well known to create hot topics on the Internet in a short time.


As the brand integrated marketing service provider of All New Lavida, CCG was aiming at the differences of interest demand for subdividing users, upgrading the quality, diversity and diversification of content and marketing pattern and being committed to the new value of brand innovation with unique characteristics for the marketing mode and communication channel of All New Lavida. All New Lavida belongs to people under the new consumption pattern, and every super star who enjoys every step of progress. They dare to make every detail of life self-preference, and they are brave to cross the inherent labels of every consumer category, and they are willing to put more action into every good wish. With the need for "Do addition in life", All New Lavida enters the stage.

All New Lavida launching TVC

Today, CCGers had no fear of bad weather conditions, and once again completed the challenge. In tears and sweat, feel the most real mark of life. They are signs of our growth. Applaud our brothers and sisters! You are the best!