USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry first postgraduate graduation ceremony was held


In the evening of March 17th, USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry first postgraduate graduation ceremony was held in the 118th floor of Shanghai Tower. Graduates in gowns had the whole world in view at the top of Shanghai, with hundreds of Chinese and foreign instructors and entrepreneurs blessing.


After having been fostered for over 2 years, 23 master students successfully completed their studies and obtained a master's degree in journalism and communication major in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 18 students attended studied at Marshall Business School, University of Southern California and got a master's degree in management major at the second year. 14 students were awarded the Dean Award.


The 2018 ICCI school-enterprise strategic cooperation and talent training has been initiated at the same time by the college. CCG Chairman Shirley Sun attended the ceremony and said: "Students studying in Jiao Tong University such a top university, and setting out from the landmark of Shanghai, which represents the height of Shanghai, will surely go to a brighter future.

ICCI has always followed the educational concept of "international, intersecting and industrial orientation". The joint mentors group mechanism was first founded. It includes professors from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, entrepreneurs in the field of cultural and creative industries, and foreigners with research abilities. It provides students with abundant and convenient academic research resources. The students have international broad vision, compounded knowledge background, leadership in their work and a deeper understanding of the whole value chain of cultural and creative industries. They can adapt to the global business operation environment. CCG has reached a strategic cooperation with ICCI, and also hopes to make efforts for training creative talents, by providing a more comprehensive and in-depth industry oriented thinking platform for the vast number of students.


At this event, the Shanghai Tower and ICCI also announced the launch of the international competition and creative exhibition “Shanghai Global Youth Design Competition” and “Top of the City—Global AR/VR Creative Experience Exhibition” CCG will also help with the advertising work of the competition and exhibition.