PHIDEON Night –Lang Lang Piano Recital


On, May 12th, there were beautiful sound of the piano and a gathering of guests in Beijing 751 Frontier Center. PHIDEON Night –Lang Lang Piano Recital was performed hosted by Volkswagen Club of SAIC Volkswagen. As the integrated marketing service provider of Volkswagen, CCG supported the whole process with great efforts and enhances the interactive experience of car owners with professional and advantageous resources.

Lang Lang, one of the 25 greatest pianists in history voted by British authoritative radio, whose tickets for every concert would be sold out quickly. As the spokesperson for the public brand image, Lang Lang gave reward to the host by the form of concert. It had to be said that Brand and personal aura reflected each other. It was also the exclusive VIP gift for the owner of PHIDEON.


As an integrated communication group specializing in marketing and promotion of high-end consumer goods in China, CCG is committed to implementing the concept of "ingenuity service". This event fully explained the unique charm of the blend of PHIDEON and Lang Lang. From the elegant and smooth visual enjoyment of PHIDEON to Lang Lang's hearing feast, it was a challenge to brand interpretation, activity control and on-site execution. Fortunately, the result didn’t let us down!