Sanden Huayu Heqing Factory opening ceremony and the electric compressor launching ceremony


On April 26, Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. Heqing Factory, after many years of preparatory work, was put into operation and the electric compressor launching ceremony was successfully held today.


Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested by Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited, Sanden Holdings Corporation and Shanghai Longhua Industry Co., Ltd. Sanden Huayu is China’s largest professional manufacture of automotive A/C compressors, HVAC modules, engine cooling system and components.


For more than ten years, CCG has been established in the field of communication, specializing the auto market, taking the brand as the core, and extending to used cars, components and parts, after-sale services, finance, insurance and other related fields. CCG provided an integrated activity solution for this ceremony, including creative planning, video production, and on-the-spot execution, which had witnessed the historic moment of the development of Sanden Huayu.

There were leaders from Pudong New Area government departments at all levels, Shanghai auto, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC general, SAIC commercial vehicle, Jiangling Automobile and other strategic customers, shareholders SAIC Group, Huayu Auto and core supplier partners Sanden Japan, Sanden Huayu. Ms. Sun Guijuan, chairman of CCG, was also invited to attend the event and sent the best wishes and the most sincere expectations for Sanden Huayu.

CCG has been widely known in the industry for its efficient control and innovative forms of activity. Today, we are also highly affirmed by the visitors and Sanden Huayu leaders, with the details and craftsmen to convey the beauty of the industry to the guests, to share the national pride and the glory of the times of Sanden Huayu. It showed the commitment and confidence of Sanden Huayu to become an international first-class supplier of air conditioning system solutions.