In Full Blossom of Spring,Expect a Year Flourishing


In April, flowers and plants are gorgeous and cherry blossoms are blooming. Everything is full of vitality, and the earth is covered with flowers. On the afternoon of April 10th, the 2018“Original Desire Blossoming in the Warm Spring with Flowers” SJTU Antai College of Economics & Management EMBA brand partnership conference was held successfully in the CCG building. Nearly 30 partners carried out a brainstorming across industries and enterprises, aiming at achieving win-win cooperation among universities and enterprises.


As an alumni and the president of women's club Leadershow, the chairman of CCG Ms. Sun undertook this activity, which was the first stop for partners union carried out by alumni, adhering to the development concept advocated by CCG, "Open, Cooperative, Co-Creating and Win-Win".

Flowers bloom for you, music comes for you. The graceful guzheng performance and elegant calligraphy and painting were lined with cherry blossoms, and every person's eyes were full of sunshine, showing the enthusiasm for life of SJTU people. 



The event began with SJTU Antai College of Economics & Management EMBA Director Ma's speech. Director Ma said that at the beginning of this year, the EMBA brand friends-circle was officially established and opened the new stage of EMBA brand partners to share the interaction.

For the schools this year is also the 100th anniversary of the college. Director Ma first expressed the blessing to the college, and also emphasized that the IP of "brand friend circle" needs to be better developed by the efforts of the EMBA brand partners and the elite of all industries. Let everybody in this platform also have the warmth of home, and provide help for everyone's career and family. Finally, it was highly praised and affirmed that CCG had created such a good atmosphere for the activities, professional and attentive. It deserves to be a comprehensive integrated marketing corporation. Every time cooperating with SJTU, we ensure "meticulous, exquisite and perfection".



As a host, Ms. Joan, vice president of CCG group, had been sharing many of the group's outstanding cases, each showing the quality of CCG strategy, quality service and high quality and systematic operation. A 600-person team, in order to lead all the time in the industry, must surpass themselves and challenge themselves through continuous learning and innovation, and shape the CROSS brand with the spirit of CROSS. It is the specialty of CCG to distinguish from other traditional marketing communication groups.

2018 is the fortieth year of reform and opening up. SJTU Anitai opened up a new chapter through a hundred years of hard work. CCG was also highly creative in the form of sand painting art, presenting a profound college history and rich alumni activities for Chairman Shirley Sun's alma mater.

Sixteen years of pioneering and enterprising, sixteen years of improvement, thanks to all partners. The school has awarded honorary certificates to alumni who support and interact with Antai EMBA in terms of alumni, teaching and marketing. The "scroll" certificate, which was carefully designed by CCG, had also been praised by the winners, and the honor of it was regarded as treasure, and Director Ma also gave alma mater's commemorative gift to Chairman Shirley Sun.

Antai EMBA is committed to the realization of the "alumni as the center of life community", to train new management personnel with international new ideas. By Mashangma (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd.CEO Lu Xu, Jiaoxiangyue (Shanghai) Investment& Management Co., Ltd. Li Ziqiang and Aiweixun consultant firm partner Xu Yan, representatives of these three brand partners, had shared the experience with Antai EMBA , respectively, from the current restructured media form, how to grasp the market opportunities brought about by the future consumption fee upgrade, and the building of a family based exchange learning platform.


In the interactive discussion, it was proposed that the future of "brand friend circle" should pay more attention to the theme of the new era, spread the distinctive brand personality of Antai, expand the carrier of "active alumni", and realize the individualized support to the partners.


CCG Chairman Shirley Sun said in the concluding speech that we should reach the real IP platform from sharing, integration and even joint adventure. We have been sharing from the current point of view, and we need to further integrate our resources in the future to achieve our third step -joint adventure.

CCG and SJTU have a long history. As a private enterprise, CCG attaches great importance to the cultural construction of enterprises, especially the cultivation of teams. This year is the fifteenth year of the establishment of CCG. The company will also move to a new office building. In the future, the concept of joint venture will be used in the office building to integrate the upstream and downstream industries. Some young entrepreneurs, including the young people who are now in the company, will come together to do the joint venture platform, realize the transformation of traditional industry to diversification, and create a sustainable value cooperation ecosystem.



The beautiful lady was standing under the cherry tree, leaving a picture in front of the cherry blossom theme wall.



Visiting CCG's romantic Cherry Blossom Avenue, we work together to break the inherent relationships and boundaries between all things, to perceive, experience, explore, inspire, gain strength, find direction, and wait for our own blooming time.