CCG Won the Title of “25 Digital Marketing Companies You Have To Know In 2017”


On March 28, 2018, the 17th China Advertising & Brand Conference was ended in Le Royal Méridien Shanghai. After facing layers of screening by experts and the public judge team, CCG won the title of “25 digital marketing companies you have to know in 2017” with great honor.


As an integrated marketing communication corporation and having been regarded as one of the“25 digital marketing companies you have to know in 2017” for many years, CCG always grasp the development trend and the current conundrum of the industry with the forward-looking vision, and unlock more personalized, more interactive service model in order to enhance the practical transformation, just like the theme of the conference this year the third kind of power -The Power Of Imagination. With the socialized dissemination ideas, CCG create targeted content with an insight into the consumers, deepen the product's social role, and enhance effective links between brands and audiences, so as to stimulate brand value and help to complete the brand digital transformation.