Two conferences of SAIC Skoda were held successfully with the help of CCG


In March 19th “2018 SAIC Skoda National Brand Marketing Service Annual Gala" and "Skoda KAROQ Launching Conference” were successfully held in Chengdu. Distributors from all over the country and the media joined 2 conferences together.


In the Annual Gala, leaders of SAIC Skoda appreciated the efforts made by all the staff and distributors, shared the Skoda marketing direction of this year, and emphasized on continuing to deepen digital communication in integrated marketing, strengthen effective links between brands and audiences, accumulate the brand value and firmly grasp the new marketing opportunities of 2018.



After KODIAQ, Skoda's second “K” SUV, KAROQ was launched tonight. As the integrated marketing service provider of KAROQ, CCG put emphasis on maximizing precision and advertising effect in every link of the launching. No matter brand planning, channel planning, landing implementation or service support, 360 degrees provide the guarantee for the brand listing.

In marketing, what is particularly worth mentioning is that the Digital team made innovative changes and high-quality topic content through the socialized advertising ideas. With the insight to consumer, they made the interaction come true and deepened the "social role" to stimulate the vitality of the brand.

In terms of the implementation of activities, Activities Department Ⅲ of CCG, with extensive experience in large-scale activities, made full use of technology to improve the user experience besides using powerful dance and colorful stage effect, which were more effectively and directly related to the audience.


The whole market environment is changing; the media environment is changing; the product environment of media service is changing; and the attitude of people towards new things is also changing. As a comprehensive advertising company, faced with all sorts of changes, CCG has always been trusted by customers, and leading the industry. It cannot do without passionate CCG staff and adhering to “creating effective advertising effects for customers”! A group of excellent people together will have a chain reaction and solve a lot of problems. They work hard, harvest fun and live in new ideas!