To Those Heroes Behind The 20th SAIC-GM Supplier Conference


“People staying together is called party; Hearts staying together is called team. Although coming from all corners of the country, everyone stays together and struggles together. Time flies. Keep fighting with the development and growth of CCG,” This is CCG Activity Department Ⅲ.


On Feb 9th, the 20th SAIC-GM Supplier Conference, 2017 Excellent Supplier Award Conference was held in Yantai. Friends from CCG Activity Department Ⅲ and SAIC-GM presented an annual gala again.

The annual supplier commendation conference planned and conducted by Activity Department Ⅲ was special both on the form of presenting and the conference process with an immersive atmosphere instead of the hustle and bustle. It made every audience integrate into it, which could review the success gained by SAIC-GM in 2017, listen to the speech of every guest, and enjoy this annual honor at the same time.


What was more special was a team-building activity for SAIC-GM and suppliers, which made everyone get closer. This whole annual gala was praised by the guests, leaders and suppliers.

The success couldn’t work without efforts. A week before the activity, project team members arrived at the activity venue to prepare works. The preparatory period coincided with the blizzard weather in Yantai, the local meteorological station released the icy road yellow warning signal at 4 o’clock on 4th, and the minimum temperature was -8 degrees.

Because there were many outdoor facilities to build, the snow and icing on the roads seriously affected the normal development of the work. Due to the preparatory period, there was no air conditioning on the activity venue, so everyone was rehearsing every day in the indoor field with 5-6 degrees below zero. Many colleagues fell ill because of cold weather for a week, but in order to the schedule, they still stayed together with the team to finish the work with professional strength and ensure every detail achieved the desired effect. Every magnificent scene all couldn’t do without the selfless dedication of every staff behind the spotlights.

Every project is carrying the dreams of CCG staffs. Every conducting process of projects includes the inspirational stories of CCG staffs. Every time the projects were finished, there were always touching and proud tears from many people.