2018 SAIC Volkswagen Brand National Marketing Service Annual Gala Met a Successful End


2018 SAIC Volkswagen Brand National Marketing Service Annual Gala met a successful end in Shanghai Tower. Thousands of distributors from all over the country were all together. After the SAIC Volkswagen Suppliers Annual Gala, CCG team conducted 2018 SAIC Volkswagen Distributors Annual Gala perfectly again.


Executive Deputy General Sales and Marketing Manager of Shanghai Volkswagen Co. Ltd. Sales and Department, General Manager of Shanghai Volkswagen Sales Co. Ltd., Mr. Jia Mingdi delivered the speech whose theme was "marketing innovation in the new situation". He believed that distributors need to get away from the operating pressure     now and self-transform from being a seller to an operator to adapt the change of the industry competition rules.

SAIC Volkswagen Brand Executive Marketing Director, Mr. Piao Chunxu gave a high degree of evaluation to all the colleagues in the company, “The success of 2017 couldn’t do without efforts from every Volkswagen employee and especially the supports from every distributor”.


On Aug 18th, 2017, 1700 vehicles of SAIC Volkswagen went offline. In the first half of the year, the market champion was gained with the sale of 970022 vehicles. On Feb 8, 2017, 1600 vehicles went offline. Tiguan L, Teramont and Octavia family were launching to serve for the consumers. 

Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Volkswagen Sales Co. Ltd., SAIC Volkswagen Brand Executive Marketing Director of Shanghai Volkswagen Co. Ltd., Mr. Holger Santel delivered a speech about “How to make the digital future come true”. Mr. Santel believes that facing the challenges and opportunities in 2018, Volkswagen will continue to be the brand always chose by customers. Efforts will be made to transfer the values of brand, product and store to customers to make the digital future come true and make the life of customers more colorful. 

Distributors are the warriors of the market, the most lovable friends and the most intimate partners. It’s their efforts that made the brand grow day by day; it’s their struggle that made the brand achieve great development. Distributors from all over the country look forward to this glorious time of the year together.

At the later Brand Summit, the leaders from different sectors of the world reviewed the operation status of the market, sale, net sales and after-sales service in 2017, and proposed the marketing plan, channel management principles and development goals in 2018. And answer the distributors’ questions, suggest that they should innovate and change their thinking on their own initiative, from the simple supply of products to providing solutions. Distributors became confident after a series of analyses.

Of course, a series of brand strategy, plan, and executive advertising works can’t do without CCG who is Volkswagen’s integrated marketing strategic partner: Through product planning, channel planning, marketing promotion and service support, the implementation measures that are compatible with strategic operation will be built to assist SAIC Volkswagen to achieve its strategic goal in 2018 and win the popularity.

In terms of marketing, CCG Volkswagen team takes digital marketing as the main measure, takes customer experience as the breakthrough point to innovate and strengthen the brand. Taking the market as the core, from the perspective of consumers, CCG can achieve the cooperation, interaction, interconnection and interoperability of manufacturers and distributors, and establish SAIC Volkswagen brand digital marketing ecosystem. Learn the Volkswagen brand ingenuity spirit, keep pace with the development of the Volkswagen brand.

In the field of after-sales service, CCG attaches great importance to the loyalty of the customer experience for the brand. Under the new opportunities and challenges, we should understand the target users deeply, listen to users' aspirations, take customers as the core, take the new products as the bursting point, strive to create a brand-new pattern for Volkswagen brand through services and integrated marketing.



Looking forward to 2018, CCG and SAIC Volkswagen work hard together to face the development trend of the industry, take advantage of potential force, and achieve new growth targets.