Tiguan L Launching IMC Won the Silver Award of the 3rd Volkswagen Marketing Communication Award


(Nov. 17th , Guangzhou) the 3rd Volkswagen Marketing Communication Award was announced. Tiguan L launching IMC, serviced by CCG, won the Silver of Marcom Award Efficiency Award. The CCG has been the top three for three consecutive years, demonstrating that CCG is a leader in professional automobile marketing field and a high-quality partner of Volkswagen.

CCG focus on providing professional, marketable and systematic services to customers with the vision of the international competition, innovative methods and integrating the effective resources of the whole world to grow together with our customers.


Tiguan L 上市 IMC Campaign Video 

Project Background:

In recent years, sedan car market has been continuously compressed, and the SUV market has developed rapidly and has become a competitive place for all the major brands. As a SUV benchmark, Tiguan needs to keep its position in the fast growing market and to open up a wider market.

As a symbolic brand of compact SUV, Tiguan enter the intermediate SUV market. In early January in 2017 the All New Tiguan L was released and sold with Tiguan SR. The sales target of Tiguan L after launching was very challenging.


Project Goals:

Improve the brand image of Tiguan and create high brand premium;

Complete the All New Tiguan L population positioning and aim at the target consumer group;

Achieve the Tiguan L sales target and complete the expansion of the Tiguan market;

Complete the SAIC Volkswagen SUV subdivision market layout, cover and occupy compact SUV market and intermediate SUV market.