Alderman of Vaughan, Canada, Paid a Visit to CCG for Promoting Cultural Industry Communication


Sandra Yeung Racco, an alderman of Vaughan, Canada, came to Shanghai, and paid a visit to CCG for cultural industry communication. Shirley sun, chairman of the board of CCG, gave a warm welcome.


Chairman Sun first showed Ms. Sandra around the CCG building, and introduced the development process of more than ten years, organizational structure, team building and service capabilities of CCG, which made Ms. Sandra have a clearer understanding of the operation of the domestic advertising and marketing agencies. Then they had a deep discussion on the development situation and cooperation of the related fields. At the meeting, CCG gave a comprehensive introduction to the development and trend of the domestic advertising marketing and cultural industry, and also focused on some topics like "going out" of Shanghai enterprises.


Chairman Sun said CCG has branches in Toronto, which has carried out various cultural communication projects both in the mainstream and in Chinese immigrant population, gradually showing the visibility and influence. Hope that China and Canada can further promote friendly communication and cooperation in more areas. At the same time, we support and encourage Ms. Sandra to play a more active role in promoting political, economic and cultural communication between the two countries.


Ms. Sandra said that she felt the rapid development of Chinese culture industry during this visit. She was impressed by CCG's service ability in the marketing field, the great office environment and the learning-oriented corporate culture. She also pointed out that Canada should adapt itself to the changing development of the international environment in the aspect of cultural industry, and further improve the core competitiveness of Canada in the international cultural industry by using more up-to-date technology and analyzing the market from different angles.


The overseas business department of CCG has established a deep foundation in Canada. In the future, CCG will also be more specialized, marketable and globalized in talent introduction and talent training, and become the leading integrated marketing agency in China and the world with the vision of international competition.