DEARCC on the Launching of High-Quality National Car EV10, Which Is a New Power of Building Cars



(November 16th, 2017, Guangzhou) Dearcc held a gorgeous brand ceremony, which was also the launching meeting of high-quality national car EV10, in Guangzhou 1850 Brands Releasing Center. Nearly 100 media and distributors witnessed the first pure-electric car EV10 officially were launched.


This launching meeting was hosted by CCG. Creative process design, precise implementation, perfect overall rhythm controlling, exquisite local details showed the profession, high quality and the ultimate pursuit of the spirit of excellence.

We have reason to believe that DEARCC will use its new strength and speed to change the travel mode, making electric cars that every young consumer can afford to buy in the future. While CCG will aspire to effectively integrate resources with global marketing methods, innovation, and be committed to become the professional leader in China and even the world, in the field of integrated marketing.