Good news of CCG again from ROI Festival


On golden October, good news is coming again and again. The 10th ROI Festival award ceremony was held in Shanghai in October 19th. The first decade of ROI Festival is also the year grabbing the most attention, gathering the most powerful judges and setting the most difficult award. The rate of gold award is less than 2%, and the value of awards reaches new height.

Through the perfect combination of commerce and creative ideas, CCG won a bronze award, three nominations and a number of advertising and marketing cases were selected as excellent works in the competition among 3117 works from 558 companies.





1、Creative Campaign of SKODA Models Management

Won the Long-Term Brand Creative Management Bronze Award


Project target:

Improve the brand image, and open a new pattern of brand rejuvenation; establish a strong emotional connection between the Skoda products and consumers.

Target audience:

Young people in the new era who are full of innovation, eager to explore and insisting on who they are.

Brand specialty:

Carry out the extraordinary brand spirit, establish a brand image which has similar ideals and beliefs with the customers, and advocate the positive idea of Active Lifestyle 2.0.

Marketing effect:

After four years, a brand image which has similar ideals and beliefs with the customers is created, the brand emotional identity and Internet marketing strategy layout are gradually established and the brand products has double upgraded through the themes campaign of each model of car.

2、The launching IMC of All New Touran L

Won the Creative Integration Award Nomination

Project introduction:

Improve the brand image of Touran; Positioning the new target consumer group of All New Tiguan L; Complete market expansion of Tiguan; Complete SUV subdivision market layout of SAIC Volkswagen, cover and occupy two markets, compact SUV and intermediate SUV.


3、The Digital&Social spread of SAIC Volkswagen large-sized flagship SUV Teramont launching

Won the Mobile Creative Idea Award Nomination

Project introduction:

According to Volkswagen launching the first large-sized flagship SUV model, the launching popularity of new car was pushed up from different latitudes, which reflected the core-competitiveness of products "ambition of the strong".

4、TVC of Lamando GTS challenging Legend of speed

Won the TV Creative Idea Award Nomination

Project introduction:

Enhance the market share; Create familial brand image; Grab market attention. Nearly 6 million people paid attention to the live launching. The video view of TVC got more than 4 million 500 thousand. The number of online test-drives booking of Lamando GTS+MP17 was over 350. The page view of launching campaign site peaked nearly 70 thousand. Reputation ranking was NO.1 on Autohome.