CCG Took A Number of Hong Kong Bauhinia International Awards


Hong Kong advertising industry celebrating People's Republic of China founded 68th anniversary and 《Bauhinia International Award——Appraisal of creative ideas of advertising industry in Hong Kong and Chinese mainland》was held in Hong Kong North Point Fulum Palace on the evening of October 11th. CCG took many heavyweight awards with excellent innovative service cases.


This year is the 20th anniversary year of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, and the communication and cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland have deepened. CCG actively participated in this appraisal and gained a number of heavyweight awards with excellent innovative service cases. It’s fully demonstrated that CCG is a comprehensive advertising agency with international perspectives, and also hopes to promote the spread and inheritance of Chinese culture in Hong Kong through the communication with colleagues in Hong Kong.

The organizing committee received 737 nominations from both Hong Kong and the mainland, and selected dozens of outstanding works of innovation with the principle of justice.


Lamando of SAIC VOLKSWAGEN·The Key was awarded Creative and Attractive TV Advertising Runner-Up of Hong Kong Bauhinia International Award.

Highlights of ideas:

Lamando, different car style

Lamando·The Key is a display of a fight for key. A couple is stealing the car keys back and forth to experience the wonderful driving of Lamando.

Product Video of SKODA Kodiaq·Electric Trunk was awarded Best Video Advertising Design of Bauhinia International Award.

Highlights of ideas:

Besides the emotional TVC “Accompany you to experience”, SKODA Kodiaq also shot another 10 Product Videos for digital communication, which were very interesting, humorous and discussible, not only making the brand image younger, but also greatly enhancing the consumer's favor to the brand, easy to spread spontaneously.

The Spring Festival Series poster of Volkswagen customer service was awarded Best Print and Outdoor Advertising Design of Bauhinia International Award.

Highlights of ideas:

To bless consumers from the point of view of Volkswagen customer service and enhance the brand awareness of "Techcare", the traditional customs from Chinese New Year's Eve to the seventh day of lunar month were scenarized, blending customer service brand, Techcare, eight letters, to strengthen the brand identity. Send the best wishes to clients with Chinese Spring Festival elements and advertorials corresponding to the brand.