2018 "It's possible" Skoda Kamiq launching social communication

Project introduction:

Kamiq, the SUV of Skoda, unveiled its Chinese name at the Beijing Auto Show this year. It was officially launched in Changzhou on June 27th.

Communication strategy:

Through emotional communication with young people, create emotional connections between Kamiq and young consumers.

Kamiq TVC

TVC creativity:

1.The movie shows youth, city, fashion and movement.

2. The whole film emphasizes "MI" and has Kamiq’s Chinese name remembered profoundly.

3. the creative content of MI is associated with the name of the Kamiq to deepen the impression of the consumer, and to convey the attitude of Kamiq’s appearance, which shows that the young group of Kamiq users can show and create more possibilities.


1.TikTok challenge: cooperate with TikTok to enhance popularity through netizens' participation. Kamiq TVC background original sound #followMI entered TikTok platform. MI elements show Kamiq in many directions, three types of famous people made video guide imitation, incentive mechanism to stimulate the enthusiasm of netizens.


2. Formula Viral Weibo topics: Formula-World Cup, attitude, space, interconnection, appearance & technology.



3. #It's possible# micro film: with real feelings fitting young people, in exchange for the high attention of the whole network. After the previous stage of speculation, the full version of the video was launched, triggering the second upsurge.

4. #future possibility# creative H5: integrating the concept of Formula and the result of inversion through the form of H5. In the choice of simple "X" and "+", open another life possibility that belongs to you, and initiate the second spread through topic poster.


5. Live broadcasting activities: young people have a stronger sense of participation with the content that young people are interested in.


Effect: the total net exposure of Kamiq on the day of launching was 33280575.