Believe That "Light" Has Always Been There


Did everyone remember that CCG did public welfare by helping the peasants in Qian County, Shanxi Province in January this year?


The CCG Labor Union noticed Ma Yao primary school in Tian Shui Gan Gu Da Shi Township, Gansu province. This primary school is a primary school for children of Fudan University alumni. Principal Ma, a very humble man, guarded this school with only 40 students, and dedicated love through their own personal action. This year, he planted hundreds of apple trees, hoping to do his best to improve the children's learning and quality of life.

President Ma has the ability to spread love. As a leading marketing and communication organization in the industry, the group labor union initiated the purchase of 50 boxes of apples from President Ma, send health to CCG employees in the practice of public welfare at the same time .

CCG has been through pure, enthusiastic, positive energy of corporate culture to affect every CCG people, nourishing the lives of every advertiser. It is believed that only by giving advertisers the feeling of life and love can they find insights closer to life in their work. Hope you can feel more of your original heart, professionalism, persistence, courage and a strong and loving heart. Public interest needs your attention and understanding. On the road of public welfare, we march forward together. Life goes on. Do believe that "light" has always been there!