Tutor and apprentice Generation to Generation


When we were born, our parents were our first teachers, who educated and guided our initial understanding of the world. In school, there were teachers who taught us not to go wrong on the road to growth. These experiences tell us that at different stages of our growth we need a mentor to give us some correct advice, so that we can grow better and develop better.

This afternoon, the CCG September employee's birthday party with the theme of "There must be one out of three who can be your teacher." was successfully held. In the coming of Teacher's Day, we salute every mentor in our work.

CCG is like a university, and many mentors are escorting students with advertising dreams. It is precisely because those wise and knowledgeable instructors teaching students from the ideological, spiritual, professional knowledge and other aspects that CCG this "advertising university" is perfect and talents can be cultivated. "We make dreams come true."


Technically, teachers can also be learners. This is the spirit of teaching and learning, which makes the achievement of numerous classic cases.


Teacher's guidance and help make us get the impetus of progress in life, to see the right direction forward to grow and go far.