Tour to Kyushu


We are all familiar with Japan. Music, animation, film and television works are not new to us. In July, CCG 24 staff traveled to Kyushu.Kyushu is the third largest island in Japan on the southwestern tip of Japan. Members looked at Google Map, spoke influent Japanese, and began walking down the street in Fukuoka.


Maybe Kyushu is not the most developed city of Japan's economy. The spectacular vending machines, huge cartoon posters outside shopping malls, and sweet-sounding girls with exquisite makeup who advertise on the roadside in the scorching sun.

Food that must not be missed in Japan is sashimi!  We randomly walked into a restaurant. Leo Chen recommended us squid. Called by KUMAMOM, the CCG team arrived at KUMAMOM's home, where fans from around the world gathered. In the expectation of the masses, KUMAMOM worked hard to do the eighth set of radio gymnastics.


The next day, Japanese tour guide Xu Jie and a 65-year-old driver took us on a bus to the mountains to pay a visit to Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi. When we got to the top of the mountain, we felt cold when we got off the train. A singer was singing with his guitar on. After a little stopover, we started walking towards the suspension bridge. The name of the suspension bridge is very interesting. This is really the fate of CCG: "Make dreams come true!"

The last day of the group trip was Dazaifu, the political, diplomatic, military and cultural center of Kyushu, which maintained the architectural style of the Meiji era. We also changed into Japanese traditional costumes. When girls dressed up and went downstairs, we had to admire the Japanese tradition of serving women to the fullest extent possible.

Well, here's the trip to Japan.

But this is not the end of memory.

There are too many laughs in my mind.

Everyone involved will leave their own memories.

Not only did we know Kyushu together

And we got to know each other.

I believe that in the future of CCG, when we meet, we will know each other with a smile.