National Fitness Day! Move Your Body!


How do you spend your commutes every day?

Either minding your own business on the road or being busy in the office, or posting a moment announcing to the world, "I love work, and work makes me happy!"


We knowing that often bow, long-term use of computers and smart phones, too many keystrokes, mouse or touch screen too often, it is easy to cause a variety of diseases.

In addition to daily attention to sitting posture correction, regular rest to gradually improve physical condition, spending more time exercising is also necessary! (Since 2009, the State Council has designated August 8 as the "National Fitness Day" every year in order to arouse the awareness of national participation in fitness and to commemorate the Beijing Olympic Games.)

CCG has always advocated working and having fun at the same time. Healthy sports spirit is spread to the staff, advocating that every employee should actively and widely participate in sports fitness, in order to have a strong physique.

Of course, advertisers are always unable to take time to exercise by various plans and schedules. In CCG, not only can we exercise! But also save money!

First of all, fitness equipment is already available in CCG, so as long as you want to go, you can do it at any time.


Secondly, yoga classes, dance classes, badminton clubs, football clubs and other staff benefits are all available!



CCG warm reminder: we must pay attention to daily exercise, fitness, enhance physical fitness. Once you have a good body, you will have more foundation in the future.


Exercise an hour a day, work healthy every day! Let’s join the national fitness craze!