[CCG coffee bar update] CCG's first IP crowd raising plan is fully activated.


Love makes people passionate and dream makes people persistent. This kind of persistent passion can be passed along with happiness. CCG has its own unique gene, but gene space lacks a power, which is a positive energy pushing hand. We need a physical carrier that bears solidarity and cohesion, and this physical carrier will become a "CCG IP" hub - "CCG coffee bar".


The group has confirmed the establishment of a CCG-owned coffee brand store in the future CCG new building. There will be a large number of business participation and cross-border cooperation witnessing the rise of the first IP of CCG, which bears our feelings, dreams and future.


From now on, Public Relations Department of CCG formally launched crowd raising plan. In order to bring together a group of people who can provide resources and help for the development of the project, shareholders are required the following arbitrary resources:

1. Material resources (funds, assets, etc.)


2, talent resources (ability, wisdom, etc.)


3, social resources (customers, contacts, etc.)

Hardware equipment is supported by CCG. CCG employees or friends and relatives can participate in it. The group will select the number of shareholders and the ownership structure, and the shareholders will be responsible for the coffee bar name creative design, the landing management, and the planning of activities.

One feeling, ten dreams, twenty future. Today, even Jack Ma is entering the field of new coffee retail. What are you hesitating about? The dream of realizing your coffee shop is in CCG!


Registration deadline: 18:00 on August 10th


Consultation contact: PR department:  candy.zhu@360ccg.com