CCG's "cool" in dog days


With the coming of hot weather, CCG is also concerned about the health of the staff while ensuring the normal operation of the air conditioners. We prepare mung bean soup, cold drink, ice-cream for everyone and delay turning off the air conditioners. 


 Mung bean soup is the best thing in dog days. It not only quenches thirst, but also helps relieve summer heat. A bowl of iced mung bean soup drives away the fever.

The guys who work overtime in the evening can enjoy all kinds of cold drinks. That's how cool it is! Cool! Cool!

Employees are the most important wealth of enterprises and a powerful guarantee for the growth and development of enterprises. The issuance of summer welfare goes into every CCG people’s hearts like a wisp of summer breeze, and ignites the work of everyone's passion!

The so-called "dog days" are the hottest and humidest days in a year.

Here’re some tips:

1. pay attention to prevent heatstroke and avoid going out in high temperature.

2. drink plenty of water, pay attention to food safety and health.

3. reasonable use of indoor air conditioning equipment to avoid indoor and outdoor temperature difference causing heatstroke.

4. avoid drinking too much cold drink and pay attention to replenish water.

5. when necessary, prepare some commonly used drugs for heatstroke prevention.

The development of CCG is inseparable from the hard work of every CCG staff. While developing and growing, enterprises will pay more attention to staff. Like this year's relocation or the establishment of trade unions, more comfortable working environment is being creating to make employees feel at home.