A paradise for dreams - Phuket


In May 30th, a group of 18 people appeared at Shanghai Pudong International Airport's T1 terminal to prepare for a midsummer trip to Phuket Island.


Everyone is from various companies of CCG. There are old staff and new colleagues getting together, such a wonderful journey can let us know our friends again. This is also one of the reason of organizing OUTING every year by CCG.

We arrived at Phuket Airport late at night, and the pick-up vehicles punctually took everyone to Patong Resort Hotel. Although it is already 2am, the air in Phuket Island was still much more hot than in Shanghai. We were very excited all the way.

The so-called WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD, only those who work hard will be better able to invest in a better life. This time, though only 5 days, it is enough for us to make the island dream come true.

Charlong Temple pilgrimage, island snorkeling, sea fishing, live ammunition shooting, shopping, bar carnival, seafood beer, delicious night market special cuisine, Thai SPA... Some people even completed the first deep diving of life, giving full scope to the beautiful scenery of the seabed.

We stayed in a four-star hotel, which is only 5 minutes' walk from Patong beach. It is also the most bustling place in Patong. It is very convenient to travel. Although it is only 5 days, we have almost walked the entire Padong area all the time. So, it is very crucial to choose the right hotel.

Team outing is sure to have a group dinner. Let's have a good drink.



There are some tips, for example, all services in Thailand are required to tip 20 baht -100 baht. Especially for drivers, room service, hotel service students it is very necessary. But don't use coins. It makes people feel that you don't respect them. Also remember to bring a pen with you, because if you want to fill in the border card when landing, the airport does not provide free pen. It needs to pay 100 baht.

Finally, sea fishing is the most interesting part. I believe that many people haven't had the experience of sea fishing, so it's best to consult with the tour guide before. Sea fishing is the focus of our group building. We can interact and talk freely on the yacht, and make the distance between departments and departments and colleagues closer.

Let's all feel the enthusiasm of Phuket Island in summer, and the handsome boys and girls in CCG.

On June 5th, we arrived at the T1 terminal of Pudong airport. With the heavy sleepiness brought by the landing of the flight, the trip to Phuket Island is like a dream that we do not want to wake up. In the dream, there is laughter, the shadow of friends on the beach, the sunglasses, the delicious seafood meal of the night market, and all the reasons for our next visit.