Prosperity always became a legend


Thanks to CCG for giving us a chance to cross Angkor. We found the splendid Angkor civilization in four days.


What kind of city can have such a gem like Angkor Wat? What kind of city can hide the secrets of Khmer for more than a thousand years? Take advantage of the good times and let's go into Siem Reap together.


In May, the weather in Beijing was clear. 10 people from Beijing Business Department arrived in Siem Reap after five hours' flight, and they were about to feel the hot, rainy and mysterious city.

Siem Reap is located in the northwest part of Cambodia, only 152 kilometers from the border of Thailand, with a population of about 85000 people. Compared with the noisy Phnom Penh, it is quiet and safe here. Travellers from all over the world come to see the Angkor Wat, one of the seven wonders of the world, which is certainly the main purpose of our trip.



Banteay Srei


Angkor Wat


Ta Prohm


After a night's rest, we first came to the famous Baron temple in Angkor city.

【Bayon】 is located at the center of the Angkor Thom in Angkor. The corridor is 160 meters long from east to west, 140 meters from south to north, with a wooden roof above . But because of the long time, only the broken walls and the huge stone columns are left to be watched by the posterity.



The Khmer smile is full of charm.

In addition, the TUKTUK driver's honest smile, the stall keeper's tactful smile, the ice cream seller's sincere smile. Can't help thinking, why do people with such poor living conditions show such smiles to life and strangers? Is it religious belief, optimism about life or others?



This is the representative building of the heyday of the Angkor age. It was founded in the middle of the twelfth Century, built for the Hinduism Vishnu God, and later in the late thirteenth Century, it became a Buddhist temple. Its size is large, the shape is perfect symmetry, and the embossing is exquisite. It embodies the peak of the Khmer classical architectural art and is printed on the flag as a symbol of Cambodia.

【Ta Prohom】 It is located in the depths of the jungle. When it was discovered by the French in nineteenth Century, the temple was already surrounded by trees. There are two kinds of trees, the larger one is the kapok tree, the smaller one is Ficus gibbosa, whose roots are gray and thin, but entangle around. The palace walls and gates of Ta Prohom are surrounded by these giant trees.



【Banteay Srei】 has the meaning of "women's Castle". It is famous for its exquisite, beautiful colors and exquisite relief. It is said that it was built and engraved by women. It consecrates Shiva, one of the three gods of Brahmanism.

We saw the mysterious Angkor Wat under the bright sun at daytime, and felt the Pub Street after the rain at night.

The bar street in Siem Reap is peculiar. It is not created by locals, but by foreigners. "Night, foreigner, Angkor" is the key word of bar street.

Experience Cambodia's nightlife

【Go to the old market like the locals】

Some people say that if we want to know the local customs, we must visit the local market. Yes, in the market, we can see the local people's eating habits, mental outlook and consumption level intuitively.

One of the greatest architectural masterpieces in human history is in Siem Reap’s backyard, which makes the city develop very fast. 

——CCG Beijing Business Department