Peppa Pig accompany you to let the childishness start again


In June 1st, Children's Day “Adults@Peppa Pig” themed activity was held in CCG. There were a number of special theme areas, including the Childhood Sales Department, Fun Photo Area, Doll Machine, Who-Is-More-Mature-Than-Me Amusement Park, Cartoon Doll Presents, etc. It created a fairy tale world for adults, which fully reflected the high requirements of CCG for activities.


When entering the company early in the morning, you can feel the “child dream".


Today's specially invited "CCG children". Adults can't help themselves posting their child’s photos in the daytime.


The world is your amusement park. And that's the way to grow up with you

Children's day in 80 and 90s was very naive. At that time, phones didn't have so many functions, and there were no such delicious food or interesting places. Looking for neighbors, playing marbles and kicking shuttlecock were the happiest games. A few friends could play together for a whole day. Today, we were competing again with childhood games, including Subor, FAMICOM, Contra, Mario and so on. Get back the unfailing child's heart.

Childhood memories should grow up like a tree and hovering around somewhere in the brain. Do you also want to search for simple happiness? Whether you are also remembering the beautiful and simple childhood? A lovely smiling face and a wonderful future are the most precious gift for children.

In CCG, we can be happy as Peppa Pig, igniting countless faith with dreams, challenging life with vigor and vitality. May you still be a teenager!