50-Kilometer Conquer - Be the most IN and lovely advertiser


On May 12th, E.G.G.Walkathon, an annual charity hiking event, was hold in Shanghai International Resort with 4000 participants challenging 50 kilometers for love.

In the past 7 years, more than RMB 43 million fund has been raised for more than 380 thousand children in 264 children's public welfare projects from 24 provinces through E.G.G.Walkathon.


This year is eighth years. By the time of 8 p.m., E.G.G.Walkathon had raised more than 9 million 830 thousand yuan.



6 CCG employees joined the "special communication team" called on by Pure Planet (China Advertising Charity Foundation) this time, with the other 4000 members walking for public welfare.


Advertisers carried out public welfare and enjoyed it, and dedicated to the realization of their own and public welfare dual value so that public welfare is no longer far away, no longer with hardships. With the full of positive energy, walk for love, be the most IN and lovely advertiser, and also hope to promote aid and love in the advertising industry together on the road of public welfare.

Cheerful chatting and laughing during the walking of 20KM

The hot weather made the players consume more physical power. Some players had swollen feet, but they were still fighting. CCG's supply staff also prepared fruits and drinks for the warriors. You were not alone in the fight!

Courage and cohesion endow us with indestructible power. The sweat turned into the glory of the moment. Prove that you can do it with 100% effort. Write down a glorious time for a permanent collection. Today you are the brightest stars; you are the most lovable people!


50 kilometers is not the end. CCG is looking forward to sending its own light to the greatest extent. Do everything we can to warm the world around us.