Breathe of Spring, Low-Carbon Environmental Protection and a Vibrant Future -CCG April Birthday Part


In the afternoon of March 30th, the April birthday party was held successfully at the 1st floor in CCG with the theme of “Advocate Low-Carbon Environmental Protection and Promote a Vibrant Future”. As a comprehensive and integrated marketing service corporation, CCG is also committed to corporate social responsibility in addition to leading the whole industry with own business, and advocate every employee to contribute their efforts to the green life.


In this event, we called on people to pay attention to "reducing plastic, green consumption, reducing disposable supplies, green travel and recycling resources", and we had received warm responses and supports.

You can

Turn off the light

Travel green

Choose walking or riding if it’s short distance

Prefer public transport

Buy low carbon cars

Get more outdoor sports.



Try our best

To create a better place to live.