CCG Charity |5-Year


Program Background:

The Dandelion Program was founded by professional women and mothers in Daxing district of Beijing, and subsidized in Aug 2015. Dandelion Middle School is the first privatenon-profit middle school approved by the government for the children of migrant workers. The vision is that charity will spread like dandelion seeds, benefiting more individuals and society as a whole.

Program Introduction:

As the old Chinese proverb goes, “knowledge comes from books and from experiencing the world”. CCG has been carrying out and supporting Dandelion’s when we learned that they lacked opportunities to experience nature and society. For the past 5 years we have provided opportunities for teachers and children in Dandelion Middle School to expand their scope of knowledge and broaden their horizons.

has been lasting for 5 years ( Jan 2012 - Dec 2016 )

During summer holiday each year, CCG has funded 2 teachers and 8 students from Dandelion Middle School on a 10-day .

Program Retrospect

is fruitful:

Students have increased their learning initiative by applying knowledge to the field trips.

Students have been exposed to different surroundings and improved theirindependent study ability.

Through publicity via the Internet and media, Dandelion Middle School and the Dandelion Program have received more attention and have grown in support, bringing more much needed assistance to the children of migrant workers.

Letter of thanks to CCG from Dandelion student!


CCG is an enterprise with a highsense of social responsibility. We are dedicated to giving back to society by influencing more corporations and individuals to care for the educationand well-being of our nation’s youth.