The deep blue - Saipan


Saipan is a beautiful seaside island. That kind of blue makes people addicted.


We arrived in the Symbian before drawn. The rosy sunrise gave us a little surprise. It seems that everyone had forgotten the fatigue of a few hours of flight.


We came to the hotel with full of joy and expectation.

The hotel faced the sea with beautiful flowers.


After a short rest, everyone started the tour of the island.

We went to the Banzai Cliff, Last Command Post of Japanese, Birds Island, the Blue Hole and so on. Each has its own unique beauty. The sun was shining; the breeze was great; the wind blew your hair; who you were missing......


After the trip to the island, we had a pleasant dinner time. The beach barbecue, the beach sunset, the beer and the music, all of these were great...



After a delicious dinner, everyone lay on the beach quietly and clear their minds to enjoy this slow and peaceful time.



In this blue fantasy island, as advertisers, how could we let go of the big movies. All kinds of beautiful scenery, beautiful ladies and delicious food can be called advertising blockbuster.


However, where did these photos come from?


Finally, a photo of the groups ended the tour of Saipan.

May the time be young and we be together forever!