CCG did public welfare by helping the peasants -The action of love started again


Not long ago, crisp sweet juicy pears in Qian County, Shaanxi Province were unsalable. The news that 320 pounds of fruit pears sold only 10 Yuan shocked millions of people. People's Daily, other reports,Wechat and the whole media network were covered with this news, which has touched the hearts of countless people...

After a month, with the decline of heat, it was still endless melancholy for the fruit growers. The Spring Festival was coming soon, and there were still tons of pears that didn’t sell out.


As a warm corporation, after learning the news, the management of CCG attached great importance to it and set up a responsible group immediately. Though the staff, Rona’s relation in the local home, we contacted the government office director Wang in Qian County, Shaanxi Province. First confirme the authenticity of the report, and then arrange to contact directly to the peasants in distress to collect apples and pears. After packaging, send directly to CCG branches in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Hope to do a little effort for the Qianxian County fruit growers, and also give a health care for the employees of CCG in winter.


CCG always believes that corporate culture is important to promote the development of the corporate and become the world first class advertising company, which is to share and inherit a healthy set of values, common vision, mission, and way of thinking. Social responsibility is one of the most important health genes.

As a comprehensive advertising company, CCG will continue to work with love while maintaining its own industry lead. We should fulfill a corporate citizen's social responsibility, and call for more social enterprises to participate in public welfare activities, so that the whole society can become a public welfare soil to promote the vigorous development of public welfare and social health.