Warm heart with returning the money found; Deliver positive energy with actions


Returning the money found is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, but nowadays with the modern high-speed economic development, how many people can resist the temptation of money? The Heart-warming Baymaxes in the fourth quarter in 2017 is exactly about "Returning the money found" this traditional social morality.

Edwing from Activities Department Ⅲ is engaged in visual creative work in the CCG department, and he is also recognized as Good Man, who loves helping people in daily works. Recently, a bank card was found by him in the elevator of the company. He immediately contacted the bank by telephone, found the card owner in time, and found that the owner was a colleague from finance department, and finally returned the bank card to this colleague.


"Returning the money found" is not only the social moral standards, but also the traditional moral bottom line. This moral virtue has also been rooted in CCG. We believe that only if cultivating CCG people with great mind, vision, thoughts and virtues can we better serve customers and repay the society.

Since January in 2017, CCG set up a “The Heart-warming Baymaxes Reward”. Hope all of employees can find beauty, discover and encourage every piece of warm things to promote positive energy, make full use of the innovation spirit and create the healthy, optimistic, positive motivation and atmosphere.