A Fresh Five Day Tour in Thailand


In the impression, October of Chiang Mai, is a delicate season.

The sunshine are scattered onto the ground through the trees.

 And the occasional rains are like a kind of gentle, disturbing our heart.

We feel that Chiang Mai is a quiet, comfortable, slower-paced, and lovable town.

Let people forget their work stress and relax themselves.

It is comfortable to walk through the streets of the ancient city.

The relaxed mood slowed down the whole trip. It's the happiest of our "CCG advertisers" to sleep in "natural waking". After getting up, there was no need to rush to where to go. There were no special destinations. Friends went for a walk together in the old alleys without traffic lights. This was probably the charm of life.


The five days of outing and those memories had passed away. Joy and smile every time in the Thailand was kept by CCG forever. Our coming back was for the better departure next time.