CCG was Super Cool This Christmas



In the CCG castle,

The Christmas party came on time!


The Santa Claus had came

Wearing a red hat,

A big white beard,

A red cotton-padded coat,

Santa Claus and his partners

Brought us Christmas surprise

 With a huge bag of gifts.

Part 2

Christmas Lighting Ceremony


Flickering candlelight and illuminations;

A hot atmosphere;

The perfect blend of dreams and blessings;

Let's Say NO to cold winter together;


Ms. Joan, vice president of CCG, lit up the Christmas hope


Part 3


Christmas Carnival ; Family Mobilization

A warm song was the best wish for you;

The Christmas tree was magnificently changed in the happy Christmas music!

The world is so lovely and warm!

Birthday party for employees bored in January.

The Best Costume


Life is like a box of chocolates,

You never know what you're going to get.

But you have the reason to except every sweet and surprise.

Today, love and delicious food are worthy.

Because of the holiday, the food became beautiful.

Let your eyes, lips and tongues enjoy the happiness of holiday.

The joy and laughter, with happiness knowing no bounds

We are friends in life,

And comrades in career;

In order to achieve a common goal,

Let’s make progress together.

Part 4

Romantic Snow Show

Seeing the snowflakes falling,

Time and space seemed stopped at that moment.

Everything had become slow motion.

Warmth started from the palm.

The dreamer infiltrated into this "Castle"

There are always too many people's emotions during the cycle of seasons. And how many stories of people of CCG are going on? Cherish every beautiful, happening or past story! Cherish the friends or relatives on the road!