To Those Knights of the Zodiac Whom We Were Deeply Touched By


"Saint Seiya" was the 80 and 90s classic animation, representing the unity, friendship, trust and indomitable spirit. On December 7, 2017, the staff birthday party would take you to relive old memories with the theme of“Potential Power Explosion!".

In the past 333 days, every member of CCG is like "Saint Seiya" who has the courage and firm belief. They worked together with each other to form a team of super strength.

They fought together.

They achieved each challenge together.

They witnessed honor together.


Happy birthday to powerful comrades of CCG!

Probably after people have a dream;

Then they can have the goal of struggle;

And feel the meaning of living.

They are not only characters from nimation;

Who have moved countless people around them;

But also heroes;

Who haven’t protagonist halo;

But sacrifice, loyalty and guard.

They all have a same goal:

“Make Dreams Come True”!