A “Slow and Romantic” Coastal Town——Nha Trang


Go to the different place;

See the different scenery;

Feel the different life;

This is travel.

Walking quickly and crazy shopping are not the main theme of Nha Trang;

After coming to this coastal town,

It more felt like a kind of slow-paced and romantic life.

September 20th -26th, 2017 


Key words:Arriving at Nha Trang slowly

The flight time is 10:30pm. The plane didn’t take off until more than an hour later after the boarding. We arrived at Nha Trang at 3am, rushing back to the hotel to sleep.


Key words: Strolling, eating slowly and enjoying life

Feeling the sunshine beach outside the hotel

Everyone is a millionaire in Nha Trang


Team 1:Experience the romantic life

Learning to cook a local meal from the local chef and going to the most characteristic restaurant to taste the most delicious dinner ~ simply romantic ~!

Team 2:Walk on the golden beach

Feel the sea breeze, step on the waves, and walk on the beach in the whole afternoon.



Team 3:Slowly taste the local delicacy

This is definitely the foodie’s paradise. There are a variety of delicious meals like seafood, BBQ and French cuisine.



Key words: Slow travel in Nha Trang

The previous arrangement of snorkeling was changed to self-guided tour~ Going to mud and traveling in Nha Trang ~!

Part 1:Both mud bath and massage

Part 2:Travel in the downtown in Nha Trang

Stroll in the downtown. Taste the authentic Southeast Asian fruits, local characteristic drip coffee and dinner.

Part 3:It’s a good day.

Coincided with the birthday of peer buddies, we celebrated together and gave the birthday gifts ~

We are loving family.

DAY 4-5

Key words: Play in the Pearl Island


Key words: Go home!

Sleeping until naturally wake up in the last day of the trip; packing up and ready to go home!

A “slow and romantic” coastal town, slow-paced life, full of romantic sentiment ~

There was only one word to sum up, which was comfortable.