The Heart-warming Baymaxes in the Third Quarter in 2017


In this loving family

Baymaxes have been guarding us all the time.

They can’t be the real Baymax.

Pure and fat; soft and adorable;

But their hearts are as soft as marshmallows

They always stay with us

Let's cheer for the heart-warming Baymaxes in the third quarter



1、Tom Xu  Activities Department Ⅲ

It's the best thing

To combine the work and hobby.

Deeds description:

Interest is always the premise of everything. Only when you're interested in what you're doing can you make every effort on it. If work and hobbies can be combined well, it's the best thing ever.

Tom, a standard Leo boy bored in 90s, has been considered as a rare gentleman since he joined CCG. He has maintained a high morale and passion to his work, and learned the wine and coffee in his spare time. In the implementation of the company's major projects, he fully demonstrated his own ability and charm by combining hobby with occupation and job effectively.


2、Yin  Activities Department Ⅲ

The essence of a man is not only a simple existence, but also a transcendent value and pursuit.

Deeds description:

“The essence of a man is not only a simple existence, but also transcendent value and pursuit. The spirit of faith is embodied in the righteousness, which any society needs to advocate.”

In October 10th, Yin, from Activities Department Ⅲ, found his colleague's mobile phone stolen after work, and did not hesitate to come forward to stop it, and promptly reminded everyone in the company group to pay attention to protect their personal and property safety on the way to and from work.

This is not his first courageous action. Yin said that when faced with crimes, he will never stand idly by, but bravely to do the righteous things.

CCG encourages people to discover the stories of warm hearts and heart-warming persons. They will be commended and praised to continue to pass the warmth!