CCG Halloween Headline


According to CCG Halloween Headline, some internal staff said mysterious events occurred one after another recently in CCG. An accredited journalist has grasped the big secrets!

1. Big Secret! Millennium Corpse Amazingly Revived in CCG

The ghostly laughter came from cave full of cobweb;

Millennium corpse jump out from the grave;

What’s more amazing is,

That CCG staff took selfie with corpse Without Fear!

2. Big Secret! CCG Staffs Are Not “Human”!

According to reporters secret visit,

Ghosts can be seen everywhere in CCG,

Hideous and terrifying;

Ghosts’ model show was held at carnival scene;

The following five were classics,

And awarded TOP 5.


3. Big Secret! Pumpkin Monster Came Out

CCG staff used magic;

Pumpkin became immortal;


Five strange pumpkins

Became the most favorite pumpkins of all the “ghosts”.


4. Big Secret! Ghosts Also Had Birthday Party?!

In an eerie atmosphere,

The witch brought out the cake,

Accompanied by terrifying birthday songs;

Ghosts gave blessings to ones who were born in November.

The carnival atmosphere of Halloween attracted lot friends to play. Exquisite cuisine and realistic scene also made everyone do selfie, and have a fun afternoon!


The next Halloween! CCG will wait for your challenge!